The development of impulsion and straightness is essential to prepare the horse for collection and to make it more supple and through.
Straightening the horse is a never-ending task, since every horse has some degree of natural crookedness.
The horse is straight when its forehand is in line with its hindquarters, that is, when its longitudinal axis is in line with the straight or curved track it is following.
Straightening a horse means also that the horse has to be able to be bent and flexed on
both reins equally.
The main reasons for straightening a horse are:
• To help the horse stay healthy and sound through evenly distributed weight on both side.
• To prepare the horse for collection. Only a straight horse can push and collect effectively using its hind legs equally and having an even contact in both reins. Only if the horse is straight can it be supple and “through” equally in both directions.
• If the horse is straight, the hind legs will push towards the centre of gravity.

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