The Figures

The figures asked in Dressage tests are the voltes, the serpentines and the figures of eight.
1. Volte
The volte is a circle of six (6), eight (8) or ten (10) metres in diameter. If larger than ten (10) metres it is a circle.

2. Serpentine
The serpentine with several loops touching the long side of the arena consists of half circles connected by a straight line. When crossing the centreline, the Horse should be parallel to the short side (a). Depending on the size of the half circles, the straight connection varies in
length. Serpentines with one (1) loop on the long side of the arena are executed with five (5) metres or ten (10) metres distance from the track (b). Serpentines around the centre line are executed between the quarter lines (c).
a)2a b)2b c)2c

3. Figure of eight
This figure consists of two (2) voltes or circles of equal size as prescribed in the test, joined at the centre of the eight (8). The Athlete should make his Horse straight an instant before changing direction at the centre of the figure.

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