The Changes of Directions

1. At changes of direction, the Horse should adjust the bend of his body to the curvature of the line it follows, remaining supple and following the indications of the Athlete, without any resistance or change of pace, rhythm or speed.
2. Changes of directions can be executed in the following ways:
a. Right-angled turn including riding through the corner (one -1- quarter of a volte of approx. six -6- metres).
b. Short and long diagonal.
c. Half voltes and half circles with change of rein.
d. Half pirouettes and turn on the haunches.
e. Serpentine loops.
f. Counter-changes of hand (in zig-zag)*. The Horse should be straight for a moment before changing direction.
*Zig-zag: A movement containing more than two (2) half-passes with changes of direction.

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