1. Reinback is a rearward diagonal movement with a two (2)-beat rhythm but without a moment of suspension. Each diagonal pair of legs is raised and returned to the ground alternatively, with the forelegs aligned on the same track as the hindlegs.
2. During the entire exercise, the Horse should remain “on the bit”, maintaining its desire to move forward.
3. Anticipation or precipitation of the movement, resistance to or evasion of the contact, deviation of the hindquarters from the straight line, spreading or inactive hind legs and dragging forefeet are serious faults.
4. The steps are counted as each foreleg moves back. After completing the required number of steps backward, the Horse should show a square halt or move forward in the required pace immediately. In tests where a Reinback of one (1) Horse’s length is required, it should be executed with three (3) or four (4) steps.
5. Reinback series (Schaukel) is a combination of two (2) reinbacks with walk steps in between. It should be executed with fluent transitions and the required number of steps.

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